Morocco is the perfect starting point for travelers going to Africa. An easy hop across from Europe, it can be a friendly place, stimulating and full of surprises.

The berbers or amazigh, are the original inhabitants of Northern Africa and their culture is one of the most ancient of all humanity (about 10.000 years old). They are the only true autochthonous tribe of Northern Africa and are made up of various different ethnic groups, for example the Tuareg who are very dark with curly hair or the kabilio who are blond with blue eyes. They all have a common cultural and ancestral language. The name ”Berber” comes from barbarus given by the Romans to all the nations who did not submit to Rome, although the Berber people prefer to be called amazigh which means “free man”.

Would you like to know more? Come to Morocco and discover how the Berber Culture lives, their traditions and their customs.


Sahara Bereber :

I did the tour as a part of a small group of friends a few weeks ago (see Ale's review above!).

We had a fabulous time learning first-hand about Berber culture & traditions from two people who clearly love ...

Saharabereber offers you a wide selection of possibilities to explore and experience the authentic Morocco and enjoy the Sahara Desert.

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